Episode 07: Taking Your Side-Hustle Passion Project and Turning it into a Profitable Online Business

Welcome to episode #7 of the Femme Boss podcast!

Today, I am thrilled to be chatting to the super inspiring Reese Evans, founder of the Yes Supply Collective.

Reese went from working in a job where she cried before every shift and was doing the same tasks every-single-day that bored her to death, and didn’t allow her to be creative, or work on the things she wanted to be doing.

Her light bulb moment came when she realized that she was the one holding herself back all along. 

So she got serious about working out what she had to do to change her life.

Her goal was simple:

To build a life where she could be creative, cultivate an amazing online community of supportive and inspiring entrepreneurs, and help inspire female creatives to start a career doing exactly what they love.

Her journey led her to creating the Yes Supply Collective where she mentors female creatives and entrepreneurs to do exactly that.

In this episode, Reese shares the 4 key areas that women need support in to be successful; how to manage your side hustle while working your full time job; and why you need to work smarter and not harder to land consistent clients and a regular income from your business.

She also explains why the number of followers you have on social media doesn’t matter and is of zero consequence to running a profitable business, along with a ton of tips on how to build a thriving community.

Reese also shares her own personal story of how overhauling her morning routine literally changed her life and why keeping it real and being vulnerable is the cornerstone of everything she shares online.

This episode is a little longer than usual, but I promise it’s full of juicy-goodness wisdom you’re going to love!

Let’s get to the show!

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in this episode we mention:

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  • If you don’t know it, learn it. Click to Tweet!
  • The hard work and late nights separate it from people who really want it from people who don’t want it as much. Click to Tweet!
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