Episode 06: Build a Profitable Business with Online Courses: Mariah Coz, Femtrepreneur

In today's episode I am super excited to be chatting to the amazing Mariah Coz, founder of Femtrepreneur

Just 2 years ago, Mariah made the decision to pursue "online courses" and get her REAL freedom back. 

She set a goal to replace her dollars-for-hours income with passive online courses. 

Soon after, she had made thousands of dollars selling a course about living in a vintage camper. 

Since then she’s gone on to build a thriving community through Femtrepreneur and a suite of courses designed intentionally to help female business owners grow a profitable online business.

Mariah is the expert when it comes to building online courses.

And in this episode, she has been incredibly generous sharing a ton of valuable knowledge to anyone looking to ditch trading time for dollars and start leveraging their time to maximize their efforts.

During our conversation we deep dive into how to pick the right topic for your online course, how to know when you’re ready to launch an online course and the strategies for marketing your course and building a thriving community.

Plus, Mariah also shares her favorite tools of the trade that uses everyday to run her business.

This is a must-listen episode for anyone looking to create an online course and who wants to learn insider tricks, tips and strategies from one of the most knowledgable and successful online entrepreneurs.

Despite her success, Mariah is incredibly down-to-earth and one of the most generous people I've had the pleasure of chatting with - I know you'll love her too!

Listen to the full episode:


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