Episode 5: Reprogramming Your Mind for Success - Carrie Green, Female Entrepreneur Association

In today’s episode I’m beyond thrilled to be chatting with the incredible Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association.

Carrie is an award winning entrepreneur and the author of the brand new Hay House book She Means Business.

Over the past 5 years, Carrie has transformed the Female Entrepreneur Association into a network of over 400,000 women from all around the world.

And from this incredible success, created the Members’ Club, a private online community for female entrepreneurs, with over 4000 members.

Carrie’s TEDx talk has had over 2.7million views and she’s been featured in GLAMOUR, The Daily Telegraph and BBC News, championing entrepreneurship at every level.

In this episode I chat to Carrie on how we can reprogram our minds for success to create the life and business we truly desire.

We also go behind the scenes of her new book She Means Business and the message she wants share with every aspiring #FemmeBoss.

You're going to love this episode and I hope it inspires you and fills you with motivation to go out and create your dream business!

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