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4 easy to follow steps to create a stunning Instagram account for your brand

4 easy to follow steps to create a stunning Instagram account for your brand

Instagram is probably my favorite social media channel (apart from Pinterest of course) and it’s not surprising why - it's a great tool to visually communicate your brand message and the platform itself is designed in a way that fosters community and real-time interaction - all excellent ingredients for building a strong brand.

The numbers speak for themselves - there are over 500 million active monthly users; 75 million active daily users from a global community, with 80 percent of users living outside of the U.S.

Instagram is also used by 48% of brands, with this number expected to rise to 70% in 2017. If you’re building a business, brand or blog, Instagram is one social media channel I recommend getting aquatinted with.

The fun part of Instagram is that it’s a platform that allows you to get creative - in fact the channel is full of people who have amazingly styled accounts you can’t help feel Insta-envy from.

Let me share with you a little secret: having your own original content is the best way to get your brand to stand out from the crowd - and it’s not as complicated as you may think.  

Sharing other people’s content is ok, but what if you were creating your own original content that was not only getting people to engage with your brand, but also adding in the potential for them to share your posts and helping to boost your own following - major win, right?

If you’ve been putting off creating your own content because you’re not sure where to start - this post is for you.

One question I frequently get asked is how to make your brand stand out and how to style each of your own-created shots.

Unlike Facebook, the quality of the images you use on the platform matters - it is worth spending the time to make sure your images pop and are aligned with your brand and the message you want to convey to your audience.

Use a white or colored background.

Shooting your image on an interesting backdrop helps to make your images visually pop which is super important if you want to catch people’s eye in the split second as they are scrolling through their feed.

This helps to make your content stand out as a striking background is always appealing to someone scrolling through their feed. Plus if you begin to create consistent themes of certain colors or styles, it sets your feed apart as being cohesive and well-branded.

Some ideas for creating backgrounds include shooting on the surface of a white desk or table; or you could consider purchasing some different colored fabrics that you can use to style your shots on.

If you're feeling crafty, you or you can create your own background by getting a thin piece of uncoated wood from the hardware store and spray painting it a fun color, or my personal favorite - covering it in marble contact.

When in doubt: add flowers.

Who doesn’t love flowers?! They not only look gorgeous, but they also make people happy!

Adding flowers is the perfect thing to add to your styling to help grab people’s attention and to complement whatever you are promoting in your shot.

If you are on a budget and can’t afford flowers regularly, I recommend investing in some pretty succulent plants in pots - these work well and can easily be rotated depending on what items you’re featuring in the shot.

Consider Composition: add space  

The composition of your styled shot is super important as this helps to balance out each of the featured items and makes it look visually appealing to the reader scrolling through their feed.

There is no one-size-fits all formula to achieve that perfectly composed shot, but here are some things to consider:

  • Items of 3 work well together - see how you can lay these out on your white background in an interesting way.

  • Leave some space - there is no need to fill up every inch of the shot- leave some space available to help balance the shot.

  • Don’t clutter your shot - when in doubt - Keep It Simple!!

Get the right natural light

Using the right lighting is probably the most important part of getting your images looking professional and fabulous. Use a room in your home or office that has great natural light. Do not have any artificial light on in the room - especially fluorescent lights - these will only throw off the color and affect the quality of the shot.

The best time of day to shoot depending on your room is most likely early in the morning or later in the afternoon at around 4pm. Sometimes during the middle of the day when the light is too bright it can make getting the right shot challenging.

I hope you have found this useful!

I’d love you to let me know - what is one thing you will aim to do differently to keep you Instagram game-strong?

Rachel x

image credits: Yara Michels, Afternoon Pick Me Up, Saasha Burns, Pheobe Soup

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